visualizing architecture

Polynates is a creative studio based in Indonesia. We are a team of artists, architects, and designers working together on digital illustration since 2013. We create high-quality
images, movies, and panoramic virtual reality for architecture.

We believe the key to creating great imagery together with our client is not only to capture the story and essence of the project but also to add value to real estate development and the architectural elements themselves. More than a decade of experience allows us to understand and address the unique challenges and needs of this industry.

Our visualizations are not just images, they are solutions that bring your projects to life and help you communicate the value of your projects. Our team is not only a tech enthusiast but also an imaginative thinker who combines technical skills and creative proficiency to produce engaging visuals in every project.


Rio Febrian | Founder | CEO

Rio started his career as a professional CG artist more than 15 years ago, and he founded Polynates in 2013. He dreamed of becoming an astronout. When he realized this is not really possible, he switched to work behind the scenes. In Polynates, he is responsible for project direction and bring fresh ideas into the ecosystem.

Panjul Be | Co-Founder | Managing Director

Panjul has been working in arch-viz industry more than a decade. He is our link to the unique Balinese culture. Managing animation work and interior imagery has been his passion. Before joining Polynates he first dreamed of becoming an island boy with no palm tree on the head.

Pasca Putra | Co-Founder | Creative Director

Pasca has a background as an architect and CG artist. His work is well-known in the community. He knows how to blend architecture and digital illustration together. He could sit for hours and create stunning images out of almost anything.

Hary Jumayan | Senior Artist | Architect

Hary is a hard working CG artist. He found his way to Polynates from Jakarta, one of the busiest city in the world. Nicknamed a coffee lover, Hary is obsessed with working out and dieting. Through ambition and determination he transforms ideas into captivating images.

Faisal Effendy | CG Artist | Interior Designer

Faisal is a great and fast artist. He continuously impressed us with fast, innovative, and detailed work. When he was a child, he dreamed of becoming a president, but his parents told him not to. So he decided to dedicate himself to the arch-viz industry.

Krisna Atmaja | CG Artist | Runner

Krisna came to Polynates after working as a product designer in an interior firm. He is also a professional runner. Whoever said running and render don’t go together, never met this guy.

Arif Khosiin | CG Artist | Architect

Arif is grateful for having a change to follow his passion for visualizing architecture. While being a determined visual artist in Polynates, he also studies architecture. There is no better way to describe him other than an artist with a pink heart.