Visualizing Architecture

Polynates has been providing architectural visualization services since 2012, located in Bali, Indonesia.

We Focus on creating high quality images, animation and panoramic VR of your ideas.

Every single image is special and deserves maximum effort. Our clients are spread all over the world.

"Thanks for sending through the final visuals, we're pleased to say that they look amazing. Really impressed with the work so thanks for all your hard work on project."
James Elderton, Director – Wonder Vision
"These renderings are looking so good. Whenever my coworkers see them on my screen the are always so impressed."
Alice Hernandez, Architect – Belzeberg Architects
"Thanks again for your quick and excellent work. The visualization helps bring life into our document."
Frederick Grier, Senior Project Manager – UHA London
"Thanks for the final images, it has been great working with you guys, we got really nice material."
Pablo Domingo, Architect – SSH
"The renderings looks awesome! Thank you for you and your team for these beautiful images."
Jessica Hong, Architect – Belzbreg Architects

Rio Febrian, CEO

Rio graduated from Visual Communication Design at State University of Malang, Indonesia. He started his career as professional CG artist since 2008. In Polynates, he responsible for project direction, research and development. Adjusting lighting and postproduction work has become his passion.

Panjul Be, Production Director

Panjul is a great artist and really love 3D since 2003. He graduated from Atmadjaya University, Indonesia, majoring in Civil Engineering. He has been very excited joining Polynates as a Technical Director, responsible for modeling direction, lighting setup, post-production, and networking guy. He is kinda most organized person in Polynates.

Pasca Putra, Art Director

Pasca is a brilliant architect, graduated from Atmajaya University, Indonesia. He is specialized in designing, texturing, lighting, postproduction, and mostly general art direction. This guy has a really good color sense in postproduction process. He responsible to make sure that every image has a fit contrast and balanced colors. Pasca is movie addicted, and love reflexology so much.

Danurdara Pratitayekti, Senior 3D Artist

A father of two daughters, 90's music addicts, and mad about photography. If you want to meet Danur on weekend, you should find him on the mountain, lake or beach while he takes some landscape shots.

Hary Jumayan, Senior 3D Artist

The only bodybuilder we have, and he loves making 3D work since 2008. After has graduation in architecture, Hary joined an interior design consultant before joining Polynates.